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Learn From Accomplished Women Role Models How to Create a Fulfilling Life-long Career

Whatever your age, get inspired to reach for the stars! 

You can and will...  after reading the intimate portraits, some never before published, in Women Who Could...and Did:  Lives of 26 Exemplary Artists and Scientists, a book by Karma Kitaj, Ph.D.  These successful women came of age between 1920 and 1940 when women were expected to tend hearth and home, not to be career women who would change the course of their fields.  

Embrace these women as your “paper mentors.” Let their stories inspire, challenge and guide you.

Learn how Nobel Prize winner Rosalyn Yalow, while rearing a family, succeeded in a male physicians' world by pursuing her passion for science.

Discover how Lucile Fessenden Dandelet overcame sexism and family problems to photograph Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, construction sites, and Japanese-Americans going off to internment camps in WWII, subjects seldom shot by women.

Find out how flutist Doriot Anthony Dwyer became the first woman chair of her section in the Boston Symphony Orchestra even though her parents called her the "dumb" child.

Read how these outstanding women in the arts and sciences rose above childhood family limitations, institutional discrimination and personal traumas to create meaningful lives, exhilarating to them and meaningful to society.

Who are these 26 exemplary women artists and scientists?



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